We’re Keeping It Simple

We’ve decided to keep things simple by only charging £35 for all our hands-on treatments of osteopathy and massage therapies.
It’s the same for the first appointment of 1 hour as it is for follow-up appointments of 40 minutes.

£35 Appointments: 8am to 12 noon and 3pm to 8pm, Monday to Saturday

Open Sundays and Bank Holidays between 10am and 2pm**

We’re Making It Affordable

We want to make the benefits of our work available to as many people as possible by lowering the cost between 12 noon and 3pm.
The first appointment of 1 hour and follow-up appointments of 40 minutes are all available for £20.

£20 Appointments: 12 noon go 3pm Monday to Friday *

Clinic Rooms in Welwyn Garden City

We offer a select range of treatments and other self development courses.

In need of physical intervention for a painful condition that has just occurred or has been with you for some time? Then have an osteopathic treatment or sports massage.

If you would like to unwind and have no specific complaints, then have a relaxing massage.

If you are looking for help in making life changing decisions, then see our NLP coach.

If you would like to brush up your massage skills and learn more advanced techniques from our osteopath, then book in to one of our workshops.

Here’s How To Contact Us

Phone Numbers:

01707 514 432
07984 778002 (emergency only)
Email: enquiries@clinicrooms.com
4 Hunsdon
Welwyn Garden City

*  Insurance claims will be charged at the regular rate of £35

** Unfortunately we cannot accept insurance claims on Sundays and Bank Holidays.