Workshops, Tuition and CDP Training

Massage Students and Practitioners

We all need help from time to time, whether we are regular practitioners of massage or in the process of becoming a massage therapist.
Our journeys are all unique, and that is why we have created a space and opportunity to meet like minded people to share our own experiences and to actively seek out new techniques that we can use to enhance our own skills.
In this series of workshops, we cover aspects of the body that may need more attention when carrying out a full body massage.
In particular:
 . The shoulder girdle
 . The elbow, wrist and hand
 . The pelvis and hip
 . Foot and ankle
 . The back
In each workshop, we will cover not only soft tissue techniques, but articulation of joints and passive stretching of muscle groups.

What’s Different?

These workshops are designed for 3 – 4 students at a time. This is so each student can take a turn at being the model, operator and observer. Using this teaching method, the student can gain insight into the various techniques and provide valuable feedback to the operator and valuable learnings for themselves.
If like me you need time to digest and practice what you have just learnt, then you will want to check in again to see if what you are doing is correct. That it why we have included in the price a two hour review session one month after your course. That way, having tried out the techniques for yourselves, you may have lots of questions to ask when you come back!


Attendees need to be practitioners or students of massage and have an eagerness to learn, experiment, persist and enjoy the challenges of soft tissue techniques. Most important though is to come with an open mind an engaged attitude, and perhaps a bottle of water to stay hydrated.